The jury


Expert Jury
The expert jury was made up of three specialists representing the three main
areas of the call for applications: contemporary art, graphic design and design,
and two representatives from organisations and institutions in the city.

JOSEPH GRIMA (architect) – president of the jury
MICHELE ZINI (architect)
GIORGIO CAMUFFO (graphic designer)
MARIANNA VECELLIO (Curator at Castello di Rivoli, Member of Public art Commission)
GIUSEPPE SERRA (architect, City of Turin)

Local Jury
The local jury was composed of individuals from the Barriera di Milano area
from certain representative categories: Representatives of the properties that they
have made their walls available, residents, business owners, schools, students,
associations/groups must be accredited, either the Circoscrizione 6 or the Urban
Barriera di Milano Committee.
Accreditation procedures was made public through the information networks.