B.ART on the New York Times!

The New York Times has selected Turin as on of the 52 places to visit in 2016 (at 31st place). Within all the cultural activities that you can enjoy in our city there is also aour project B.ART – Arte in Barriera. here is the link!

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Maps of Barriera

If you haven’t had enough of the B.ART tour and you couldn’t see all the 13 walls made by Millo, you can easily download these two maps and walk through the streets of Barriera di Milano. Map of Millo’s walls (PDF) Map of the Art in Barriera di Milano (PDF)

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Number 13

The last wall, number 13th: corso Palermo 98, Turin, Italy. Thanks Millo!

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Day 23

9th wall for Millo!

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Day 21/22

Millo has done with the big wall in via Cruto 3. What will be next? Only 6 walls left…

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Day 20

Second days of work for Millo! What will be coming out?

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Day 19

We are at the turning point! 7th wall is ready to be painted…

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Day 18

Tough rainy day here in Turin. But Millo completed the 6th wall. Like it? Share it!

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Day 16

Millo is experimenting with the big wall in via Cherubini 64  

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Day 15

The biggest “boy” I’ve ever seen – MILLO

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Day 13/14

The wall in via Scarlatti 52 is done!

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Day 13

It’s a rainy day here in Turin, and Millo it’s slowed by the weather conditions on the last wall placed in via Scarlatti 52. Yesterday he met some kids from Principessa di Piemonte school, nearby the wall, and they draw something together…  

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Day 12

New week, new wall to paint!

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Day 11

corso Vigevano 2

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Day 10

Millo is ready to draw the next wall: corso Vigevano 2, very close to piazza Crispi

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Day 9

Corso Palermo 124 it’s almost done!

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Day 8

Millo is still working on via Montanaro 60, but this morning he started a new one: corso Palermo 124. Stay tuned!

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Day 7

Even in this cloudy and misty day Millo is at work… We will keep you updated on his next moves…here on

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Day 6

The 2nd wall is done! Can’t wait for the third…what will be? Stay tuned!

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Day 5

The wall in corso Novara 65/67 comes alive… more updates in the afternoon

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Day 4

Millo is ready to start the second wall: corso Novara 65/67

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Day 2 and 3

Between wednesday 10th and friday 12th of september Millo has finished his first wall: via Bologna 77! Next wall…corso Novara 65/67      

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Day 1

The very first white wall: via Bologna 77 is ready to be drawn by Millo

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